Metrology International was appointed the exclusive agent in 1985 by Mr Baitella who developed the original Fisso range of articulated gauge stands which became famous for flexibility, locking strength and rigidity,
The Classic and Strato stands have articulated arms with radius of 130mm up to 620mm and are ideal for applications in hightech engineering, medical fixtures and research where rigid fixing and locking is necessary
Fisso Runout Testers and Wheel Balancers use Swiss virtually frictionless bearings which ensuring highest performance when measuring shaft run-out and highly sensitive 'out of balance' conditions..
Grinding Wheel balancers for most size of diameters
Fisso Runout testers, shafts up to 1metre length
A large range of Fisso stands are available all with instant locking and strong magnetic bases,
Any attidude ball socket Vices, ideal for technicians and instrument repair.
Fisso stands aare available with with clamps,light guide holders for medical applications, magnetic and granite bases.
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FISSO GAUGE ARMS. BAITELLa ag. of Switzerland